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Away in a mangerAway in a manger-Tenor 1Away in a manger-Tenor 2Away in a manger-Bas 1Away in a manger-Bas 2
My lord what a morningMy Lord what a morning -1.tenorMy Lord what a morning-2.tenorMy Lord what a morning-1.basMy Lord what a morning-2.bas
MandalayMandalay-Tenor 1Mandalay-Tenor 2Mandalay-Bas 1Mandalay-Bas 2
Jeg så julemanden kysse morJeg så julemanden kysse mor-Tenor 1Jeg så julemanden kysse mor-Tenor 2Jeg så julemanden kysse mor-1.basJeg så julemanden kysse mor-2.bas
Hark the HeraldHark the herald angels sing-1.tenorHark the herald angels sing-2.tenorHark the herald angels sing-1.basHark the herald angels sing-2.bas
Deck the hallsDeck the hall-1.tenorDeck the hall-2.tenorDeck the hall-1.basDeck the hall-2.bas
Juletræet med sin pyntJuletræet med sin pynt-1.tenorJuletræet med sin pynt-2.tenorJuletræet med sin pynt-1.basJuletræet med sin pynt-2.bas
My EvalineMy Evaline-1.tenorMy Evaline-2.tenorMy Evaline-1.basMy Evaline-2.bas
Shine On Harvest Moon FnE M- HICKSShine on harvest moon-1.tenorShine on harvest moon-2.tenorShine on harvest moon-1.basShine on harvest moon-2.bas
Cuddle Up A Little Closer, Lovey Mine (HOH)Cuddle up a little closer-Tenor 1Cuddle up a little closer-Tenor 2Cuddle up a little closer-Bas 1Cuddle up a little closer-Bas 2
The Darktown Strutters' BallThe Darktown Strutters' Ball-1.tenorThe Darktown Strutters' Ball-2.tenorThe Darktown Strutters' Ball-1.basThe Darktown Strutters' Ball-2.bas
Good-Night, LadiesGoodnight ladies-1.tenorGoodnight ladies-2.tenorGoodnight ladies-1.basGoodnight ladies-2.bas
I Can't Give You Anything But LoveI Can't Give You Anything But Love-1.tenorI Can't Give You Anything But Love-2.tenorI Can't Give You Anything But Love-1.basI Can't Give You Anything But Love-2.bas
I'm a poor lonesome cowboyI'm a poor lonesome cowboy-Tenor 1I'm a poor lonesome cowboy-Tenor 2I'm a poor lonesome cowboy-Bas 1I'm a poor lonesome cowboy-Bas 2
I've Been Workin' On The Railroad (HOH)I've been workin on the railroad-1.tenorI've been workin on the railroad-2.tenorI've been workin on the railroad-1.basI've been workin on the railroad-2.bas
Blue ChristmasBlue Christmas-1.tenorBlue Christmas-2.tenorBlue Christmas-1.basBlue Christmas-2.bas
Be my life's companionBe my life's companion-Tenor 1Be my life's companion-Tenor 2Be my life's companion-Bas 1Be my life's companion-Bas 2
Silver Threads Among the GoldSilver threads among the gold-Tenor 1Silver threads among the gold-Tenor 2Silver threads among the gold-Bas 1Silver threads among the gold-Bas 2